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Annie Ruth Slaughter Russell

Annie Ruth Slaughter Russell is my mother and the daughter of George W. Slaughter.  She was born in 1927 in Upson County, Georgia and died in Upson County, Georgia in 2013.

Our family has a rich heritage living and working in Upson County Georgia as I also was born in Upson County Georgia, daughter of Annie Ruth Slaughter Russell and Charlie David Russell and still live here.  I have one brother, who is a direct male to male descendant of John Rollen Russell born in 1791, who also lives and works in Upson County, Georgia.

Follow the trail, post by post back to Ezekiel Slaughter.  It will go like this....
My Mother - Annie Ruth Slaughter Russell d. 2013
My Grandfather - G. W. Slaughter d. 1949
My Great Grandfather - Charlie Slaughter - d.1948
My GG Grandfather - William Slaughter d. 1903
My GGG Grandfather - Reuben Slaughter, Jr. d. 1831
My GGGG  Grandfather - Reuben Slaughter d. 1846
My GGGGG Grandfather - Ezekiel Slaughter d. 1792

As time permits, I'll edit each section and add records and text I find that support each generation.

George W. Slaughter - 1890-1949

George W. Slaughter was born in Upson County, Georgia in 1890 the son of Charlie Slaughter and died in 1949 in Upson County, Georgia.

1. 1900 census , page one, Slaughter family begins at bottom of this page and continues on at the top of the second census image.


George W. Slaughter had 7 siblings.  One of his siblings was Charles Frank Slaughter noted on above census (d. 1977) who had a child, Charles Frank Slaughter Jr. (living).  See 1930 census below. 

Charles Frank Slaughter Jr. will be the person I test for DNA as he is the closest living relative following the Slaughter line male Slaughter to male Slaughter. 

Charlie Slaughter 1865-1948

Charlie Slaughter born in Upson County, Georgia in 1865 and died in Taylor County, Georgia in 1948 was the son of William Slaughter.

1. 1870 census showing William Slaughters family at that time.

2.  Charlie Slaughter death certificate


William Slaughter 1827-1903

William Slaughter born in Upson County, Georgia in 1827 was the son of Reuben Slaughter and died in Upson County Georgia in 1903.  He and his siblings were named orphans and his grandfather Gresham was named administrator of his father Reuben's estate.

1.  Land distribution document.


Census record showing Reuben Slaughter, Jr. head of household and small children.  Reuben died in 1831. 

Reuben Slaughter, Jr. 1805-1831

Reuben Slaughter, Jr. was the son of Reuben Slaughter.  He was born in 1805  in Georgia and died in Upson County, Georgia in 1831

I have census records to show he was in Upson County and have land distribution records that show him leaving land to his children.

1.  Census of 1830


Reuben Slaughter - 1766-1846

Reuben Slaughter, son of Ezekiel Slaughter, was born in 1766 in Virginia, but after the Revolutionary War traveled to Greene County, Georgia where he, his brother Samuel, and his father Ezekiel won land grants for their service.  It is said that Reuben Slaughter lost a leg in the war, but I have not found proof positive on this.

Reuben Slaughter was given the home place in his father's will but from census records and dither documents he is found living in Upson County along with his brother Samuel and son Reuben, Jr.

1. Gill's abstract's page 175 - 1792 Slaughter will - Greene County, Georgia

2. Slaughters arrive in Jones County 1820 census - Reuben Slaughter Sr. 

3. 1830 Census Index 

Note that Reuben Sr. and Reuben, Jr. are in Upson County as well as Samuel B Slaughter.  

Ezekiel 1727or 1729-1792

 Ezekiel Slaughter, Revolutionary soldier and his wife, Sarah (Butler) Slaughter, were residents of Halifax Co., Va. during the Revolution and died in Greene Co., Ga.

Evidence for this are as follows:

This is a copy of a page from the Roster of Revolutionary Soldiers in Georgia, Volume III as noted on the page copied from my site. I have a new IMac and don't not sure how to crop image, but will learn later. 
Ezekiel Slaughter was a private in the Revolutionary War in Capt. Thweatt's company of the 24th Virginia Regiment.  By the Pay Roll we find that he enlisted April 29, 1777, and continued on the roll till Dec. 1777, and January and February 1778.  ( Ref. "Tyler's Historical and Genealogical Magazine" Vol.9, page125.  
 Also "List of Revolutionary Soldiers of Virginia Special Report, Dept. Archives and History for 1912-Virginia State Library", by H. J. Eckewrode, Archivist, page 279) shows proof but not shown on this page.


This page from Tyler's Historical Quarterly shows a transcript of Ezekiel's will.  Note that the spelling of son Reuben is spelled Reubin in this will.  Elsewhere it is spelled Reuben.  

Also, DAR records show the lineage of other sons and daughters of Ezekiel Slaughter and Sara Butler in their documents.  Reuben Slaughter is shown in Ezekiel's will but this will be the first document trail showing son Reuben and his heirs.  

Annie Ruth Slaughter Russell

Annie Ruth Slaughter Russell is my mother and the daughter of George W. Slaughter.  She was born in 1927 in Upson County, Georgia and died i...